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Sellers – What Our Marketing Plan Offers!
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$500 Flat Fee Listing

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Be a Smart Buyer
86% of buyers experience buyer’s remorse within 2 months of their move-in. You don’t have to experience this if you use our buyer’s timeline and step-by-step process combined with an experienced agent who closes thousands of homes. Get the education now that can teach you how to save 10’s of thousands of dollars.
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Important information for buyers and sellers is contained in this website! To gain access to all the education you need to buy or sell a home, contact us now!


Yager Realty – The Yager Flat Fee Listing
California has spoken and Yager Realty is 88% referred to by friends and family for our $500.00 flat fee listing to sell a home that lasts until SOLD, now 2 years in a row. Over 1 Billion Dollars saved with Rhonda Duffy our mentor with this Business Model! Rhonda Duffy, is the #1 Agent in Georgia and #6 in the U.S. for 6 years in a row!

Browse the site and you will see many success stories of loyal Yager clients and how they sold their home and saved a lot of money in the process.

We don’t consider ourselves to be a discount broker. Instead we are a company that offers 73 points of marketing to each and everyone of our clients, no matter what their price range is and we are full service all the way. The difference is that we charge a little upfront and a little at closing so that we can use your money upfront to advertise your home immediately. So, the question is not “How do we charge so little?” The question is “Why do other agents charge so much?” We have the results in writing to prove to you that Yager Realty IS the best company in California for Value AND Home Sales compared to ANY real estate company in California!

We also have a superior buying plan for buying any kind of home, condo or land and we give our buyers CASH AT CLOSING for their efforts in eliminating homes that they do not want to see. In the last few years, our Business Model has given buyers over 3 million dollars in Cash At Closing checks when they were our buyer client! If you are thinking about buying a property any where in the Central Valley of California. Can you imagine seeing a check for thousands of dollars when the opposite was the agent that you were working with was going to get that same amount and more just because you worked with them?

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